Renovate menus and operations of existing restaurants to be on trend, drive guest counts and create financial success.


Innovate new restaurant concepts, especially ones with the intent of growing into multi-unit brands.


Restaurants succeed or fail not by their food but by the integrity of their operations.

Business Assessments

Assess restaurant concepts for future growth, viability and rehabilitation opportunities. Assessments include reporting on culinary, operations and financial viability, and future revenue potential.

Revenue Generation

Build robust profitability by controlling prime costs and maximizing revenue using a chef’s passion and an accountant’s objectivity.


Product Development

Create custom products for commercial production using a chef’s culinary sensibility, integrity and profitability.

Benchtop - Pilot - Production

Translate benchtop formulas for industrial production going from benchtop to pilot to production.


Present commercialized products in compelling menu concepts for national foodservice brands.


Go-to-market Strategy

Advise farmers and commodity boards on how to enter the foodservice marketplace with a step-by-step strategy.

Value-added Ingredients

Create ways to transform crops into value-added ingredients for the foodservice and industrial marketplaces.

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